We are a Perth band and we’ll release a new track on the last day of each month during 2019 with our fourth album ‘Premedidated' released 31-Oct-2019.

The first single ‘Liquidate’ was released on 31st Jan.

The second track ‘The Realist Date’, released 28th Feb.

The third track ‘Waterdate’, released 31st Mar.

The second single ‘Candidate’ was released 30th Apr.

The fifth track ‘Inundated’ released 31st May.



Tell the world a little about yourself, the shorter, the better.

‘Liquidate is about the need to remove the complacency of the world around you where people are kept calm at all cost, soothed into submission with promises from people who are paid to articulate in their own best interests.  There seems to be an increasing tendency for many to rely on the support and applause from social media, mass attendance events and momentary TV which then adds up to a new religion for those that don’t believe in anything that doesn’t make them feel. 

Too many people are being used and crumbling from the pressure of having to fight against a stacked deck – politicians, bankers, insurance companies that walk away when they’re needed – the people want their dreams back.  There is a growing trend towards leaving the normality behind, starting again, selling what you have for freedom without fear of consequence.

Liquidate backs those people, liquidate says find the beach, the mountain and bring a little bit back with you if you ever return, Liquidate believes.

David Moran, The Date (28-Jan-2019)

Taken From The Album ‘Premedidated’

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The Date







Dating - why wouldn’t you?